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Our flower pot mould category includes products for garden, balcony and indoor. As a professional plastic injection mold maker in China, Jeward offers both injection and blowing flower pot moulds.


Advantages of Jeward Flower Pot Moulds

How to produce a beautiful and useful plastic flower pot is one of the main focuses of our design team. As a superior plastic injection moulding factory in China, Jeward produces rattan pattern, bamboo pattern, honeycomb and many other plant pot moulds of different shapes for people all over the world.


The First Choice in Gardening Industry: Jeward Flower Pot Moulds

With the improvement of injection plastic mould products and texture design, the plastic flower pot becomes a raising star among gardeners and families. Due to the good flexibility of plastic material, it could be imitated into flower pots in ceramic style, clay style, wooden style and ratten pattern. However, its production time and cost are ten or even hundred times less than the flower pot in other materials. Also, the plastic ones are safer and more durable. Besides the flower pot, plastic garden storage box, manure loading box, seeding box and many other gardening products are also very popular in the gardening industry.