Grow Lights For Greenhouse

Greenhouse growers around the world use Philips indoor grow lights to improve vegetable, fruit, and floriculture crops. Whether you focus on propagation, growth of young plants, or commercial-scale yields, Philips offers the best greenhouse LED grow lights to increase performance for any situation. Our range of horticulture LED grow lights can be used for greenhouses with standard benches, high-wire set-ups, hydroponic systems, and more.


Species Greenhouse LED Grow Lights Can Grow

In general, plants that do well in low-light situations or those who need a long-time photosynthetic are the ones that will thrive the most under artificial lights. Some suggestions are Vine Plants like tomatoes and cucumbers, flowers, and cannabis. Some vertical farm also use LED grow lights to grow vegetables.


Species Greenhouse LED Grow Lights Can Grow


Video Of Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

Multi Spectrum Led Grow Lights

Regardless of the need for light supplements for individual greenhouses or commercial greenhouse planting, Supreme Grow Light provides both suitable small business and commercial greenhouse led grow lights for different growers from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and some other regions, to meet the growers planting needs and we received many positive feedbacks from them.