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Shot Blasting Machine

As one of the professional shot blasting equipment manufacturers, BH offers a wide range of high-quality shot blasting machines to satisfy different customers’ needs. More than 2000 active customers from home and abroad have praised that our shot blasting machine helps get their projects through smoothly.


Solution Capabilities

Our solution will bring you the best return on investment. BH Blasting has the solution or the competence, know-how, and skills to develop it. For example, our shot blasting machine price is competitive among many other shot blasting machine manufacturers.

Designing Ability

We have a full range of standard designs for all kinds of processes, alternatively BH Blasting can provide the custom-tailored design of shot blasting plant to fit your application.

30 Years of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in global shot blasting equipment engineering and production, we are able to provide all kinds of machines that serve your needs, your application, your specification, and your budget. Every part of the industrial shot blasting machine solution can be tailored to meet your needs in the local market.


Shot Blasting Equipment for Sale


Shot Blasting Machine Advantages

Better service efficiency, longer lifetime and lower maintenance cost


Reasonable Blasting Design

For various workpieces, the shot blaster layout is computer-simulated and adopts a reasonable layout. Each shot blaster corresponds one by one to improve the utilization rate of the projectile. Shot blaster manufacturers determine the number of shot blasters to open according to the size of the workpiece, which can reduce unnecessary waste of energy and reduce unnecessary damage to the shot blasting equipment.



More Economical

Workpiece detection devices are used to effectively control the opening and stopping time of the shot blasting machine, to avoid the empty shot blasting, to save energy, and to increase the life of wearing parts such as the guard plate and the shot blasting chamber.



Higher Blast Wheel Speed

The speed of the wheel shot blasting machine reaches 78m/s, so the cleaning efficiently is 115% of the normal 72m/s blast wheel. And the surface quality is better after cleaning.



Thicker Guard Board

Top and side protect board of the wheel shot blasting machine with special structure. The thickness can reach 70mm in the necessary place. Blade is high Cr, with higher wear-resisting and longer service life.



Bigger Casting Nuts

Our blasting machine for sale has big casting nuts, with big contact areas, which is more effective and can prevent the broken nuts from falling into the machine and cause damages.



12mm ZGM13 For Hot Area

Best wear-resisting protective liner, 12mm ZGM13 for the hot area, which can be used more than 10000 hours.



​Higher Abrasive Separation Rate

99.9% abrasive separated, lower damage to the system and save your cost.



Better Designed Shape

Both end bearing of Elevator, separator, screw conveyor are used labyrinth type sealing device and U type structure, there is a distance between separator screw and discharge outlet layout end, and there is reverse convey blade at the end of the screw.



More Clean Air And Less Pollution

High-efficiency filter cartridge dust collector, protect the environment



All Machine Apply PLC (Siemens Or Omron Brand) Control

All shot blasting equipment for sale applies PLC (Siemens or Omron brand) control, can be manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control. Fault point can be automatically detected, automatically found, sound and light alarm



More Security

Our auto blasting machine can automatically detect the faults and alarm and automatically stop after the delay. If any part is in failure, the automatic blasting machine would run automatic alarm and shutdown



Reasonable And Convenient Layout

The automatic shot blasting machine has a compact structure, a reasonable layout, and is very convenient for maintenance.