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Nipple Protective Cover

The nipple protection cover, which simulates the shape design of the nipple, is made of silicone to provide the mother with nipple protection during lactation.


For mothers with flat or sunken nipples, the protective cover can be used to let the baby suck. When the nipples are raised, the protective cover can be removed to let the baby suck directly, so that the immune factors contained in the colostrum will not be wasted, and the protective cover will be more durable. Babies who directly suck breast milk have a certain sense of resistance to the bottle and pacifier, and can use the protective cover to help the baby transition.

Function of nipple protection cover

Prevent the baby from biting the nipple when sucking, and reduce the pain caused by nipple cracking and allergy. Solve the problem that the nipple is too small, flat, sunken and difficult to feed.


1. Help mothers with flat, sunken and short nipples who are unable to feed their babies on their backs.


2. The convex design of the nipple protection cover can massage the baby’s gums and prevent tongue coating.


3. The horn design of the nipple protection cover fits the breast better.


4. Made of silica gel, it feels soft and elastic, similar to mother’s skin, and is not easy to produce antagonism and discomfort.


5. The heart-shaped design avoids the baby’s nose and allows the baby to breathe smoothly.


6. Help weaning infants from breastfeeding to bottle use.


How to use the silicone nipple protective cover?

First clean the nipple and areola with a sanitary cotton ball. Drop a little breast milk into the nipple protector. Attach the nipple protection cover to the nipple. Press around with your hands to let your baby absorb.


This is a soft cover made of silica gel, which can cover the nipple and areola. Babies can suck milk through the cover. It is sold in infant supplies stores. It should be as thin as possible, and it is best to use it only for a few days. To relieve mother’s pain, do not use it for a long time. Another use of the protective mask is to wear a bra when the nipple is bitten by the baby, which can relieve the pain.


Nipple shield benefits

1. the protective cover is very thin, soft, and has a touch feeling similar to the mother’s skin, so it is not easy to produce antagonism and discomfort.


2. it can alleviate the pain of nipples and is suitable for mothers with cracked nipples.


3. help mothers with flat, sunken, and short nipples who are unable to feed their babies to breastfeed.


4. it can protect the nipples of infants during teething.


5. when the baby sucks too hard, it can relieve the pain of the nipple.