Turret IP Camera Pro Series

These cameras look great and can be relatively inconspicuous. However, since there is no glass dome, turret cameras rarely have to worry about IR glare. The image quality of a turret rivals that of a bullet since it’s able to see incredibly well 24/7.


Why do we use AI object detection?

With deep learning algorithms, Sunell Pro Series IP cameras provide detection and capture of faces, people, and vehicles, and it analyzes the scene of the objects within, ignoring common irrelevant sources of unwanted events, allowing security teams to focus on the real threat.


How does Smart Detection with Security Camera?

Smart detection works by detecting and identifying people or vehicles in video combined with behavioral analysis and alerting security personnel of possible incidents, providing users with perimeter protection to enhance security policies.


What are the advantages of a turret IP camera?

Built-in Microphone: Built-in microphones with advanced codecs enable turret IP cameras to provide clearer voice. At the same time, the camera also supports audio input and output interfaces.

Built-in Microphone

Versatile Interfaces

Built-in SD Card Slot