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From indoor to outdoor, from adult to kid products, you can find all kinds of injection moulds for plastic chairs and sofas in Jeward Mould, a plastic chair mould manufacturer in China. The injection moulded chairs produced by Huangyan Mold include light and economic classical chairs, solid and beautiful modern chairs, monoblock chairs and metal leg chairs. In addition, our plastic chair moulds are suitable for producing outdoor sofa sets assembled all by plastic parts, large size beach chairs and deck chairs.


Advantages of Jeward Chair& Sofa Moulds

Plastic chairs and sofas are widely used in multiple usage scenarios, including commercial restaurants, domestic space, gardens, public parks and etc. Compared to chairs and sofas in other materials, plastic injection moulded chairs and sofas produced by Jeward Mould, a plastic injection mold maker in china, have incomparable advantages like being light and economic. In humid areas, like east-western Asia, their waterproofness is especially excellent.


The New Fashionable Trend: Jeward Chair& Sofa Moulds

Modified PP plastic furniture is the shining new star of the furniture market and is taking place of wooden furniture step by step. Compared to the wooden one, it doesn’t need secondary processing, which makes it more convenient to produce. With the advantages of being light, durable and good corrosion resistance, more and more chairs of strengthened PP material come out to the global market. Under the delicate design, these plastic injection moulded chairs are durable and high-class, which perfectly caters to the modern style preference.