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The Application of AR Smart Glasses in the Industrial Field

1. Why are AR smart glasses first applied in the industrial field?

Just like the development path of other smart terminals such as mobile phones and computers, special applications will be first carried out in the military field, and then extended to the industrial field to make product iterations, and the maturity of the supply chain and ecology will be promoted.


AR smart glasses have been developed from many years of using of military smart glasses in the United States, Germany, Israel and other countries, and the technology has the prerequisite for industrial application.


However, due to the cost, experience, and technical difficulties of AR smart glasses, they are not yet widely used in the consumer field.


2. How does AR smart glasses land in the industrial field?

Why can wearable smart glasses shine in the industrial field? It is the same as the portable terminal revolution brought by mobile phones and laptops. The four characteristics of AR smart glasses, first view, near-eye display, hands free, and high mobility, will bring a more natural interaction method that will subvert the entire industrial field!


Imagine how easy for us to work and communicate by wearing a microcomputer to query, display information, and record the work process when we are doing on-site work!