Double-layer & Single-chamber Solar Panel Laminator


Double-layer & single-chamber PV module laminator has a double layer, loading stage, one heating laminating stage, and unloading stage.


Equipment Configuration and Features of Double-layer & Single-chamber solar module laminator

Control System


Adopt Siemens PLC control system


It integrates automatic/semi-automatic/ manual three control modes. Fully automatic and manual loading, laminating, unloading switchable.


Recording function of important system parameter characteristic curve (upper and lower vacuum degrees, table temperature).


Segmented pressurization function, pressure speed adjustable.


Adopt chain transmission structure for conveyor system, continuously loading/unloading of modules.


The programmable controller can easily communicate with the computer and meet the requirements of modern industrial automation control.


Loading and unloading stages are equipped with independent control buttons for easy loading and unloading; The loading platform is designed to be a step-by-step control mode, which can set a certain forward distance according to actual needs. That means, that each time the button is clicked, the modules go forward a certain distance automatically.


Process parameters can be set, and various process parameters can be displayed in the same window. It can store a variety of process recipes for product selection.


Automatically remembered process parameters that will not be lost after rebooting. Lamination count statistics function, which is easy to check the working times and production per shift, can also be used as a reference for equipment repair, maintenance and vulnerable parts replacement cycles.


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