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19 Inch Rack Mounted MPO MTP Module Fiber Optic MPO Patch Panel

This MPO/MTP panel is a 19-inch standard type, with pull-out tray, two ABS rails on both sides of the panel box and front flaps at the front of the box. There are two kinds of fiber cable distribution methods : MPO/MTP module cassettes and melting fiber cables. MPO/MTP module splitting can be achieved by installing the MPO module cassettes. And the splice fiber splitting will be achieved by mountng LC, SC, ST and FC adapter plates and splice trays in the panel box. Our sliding type MPO/MTP optical panel apply in high-density telecommunication constructions and fusible fiber splitting cabling systems. At present, the mass production model is only 1U height, and it can accommodate up to 96 cores. It can be developed 2U, 3U and 4U products according to customer needs.


Details of 19 Inch Rack Mounted MPO MTP Module Fiber Optic MPO Patch Panel



High density wiring application condition


Standard 19”


High-density, 1U 96 fibers


ABS sliding drawer, easily installed


Can be loaded ABS MPO module box or LC/SC/FC/ST adapters


Sprayed surface treatment process


Customizable color and LOGO




Applied in the computer center and computer room


Suitable for high density date center and base station cabling construction.


Telecommunications subscriber loop


Fiber to the home (FTTH)