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Sanyo Li ion Batteries

Sanyo lithium ion battery or we can say panasonic sanyo lithium ion batteries now belongs to Panasonic group, while it keeps the characteristics, Sanyo batteries are with red wrap and most Panasonic cells are green. Sanyo li-ion batteries have 18650 and 20700 models. 20700 series are power models, 18650 sanyo battery capacity is as high as 3500mah.


It also has some replacement model of Panasonic, such as Sanyo NCR18650BF for Panasonic NCR18650B. Sanyo battery quality is equal to Panasonic lithium batteries, which offers more choice to customers for electric bikes motorcycles, golf carts, power tools, etc. Sanyo lithium ion battery has high-performance applications. If you want to buy Sanyo lithium ion battery, or know more about lithium batteries, please contact us.