Customized Slewing Bearing

Customized Slewing Bearing, From special material to special structure, also special grease which need to bear high or low temperature, special seal ,special spacer, SWBTEC can design whatever size and produce according to your supplied drawing.please feel free to contact with our sales person,SWBTEC technical advantages plus high quality control standards and production capacity can meet your any requirement.


Features and Benefits of Customized Slewing Bearing


Provide customers with slewing bearing that have undergone strict calculation of load capacity and customized according to customer’s special requirements to achieve the best performance and stability of products.


By providing a total design solution to avoid many later technical and maintenance problems for our customers and help our customers succeed all the time.


In addition, we provide customers with efficient and rapid services, such as shortening the delivery time according to the special needs of customers, booking shipping space in time for sea delivery, after-sales service communication by a special man, etc.


SWBTEC are listening to customers every moment and making continuous progress.