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Sandblasting room in Russia

The sand blast room is designed according to customers’ workpiece size and requirements. The sandblasting room size10×4×4m,  mainly blast cleaning construction machinery components. Observing windows are put on the front face of the working gate and the side door of the safety side door. so that operator can conveniently observe the blasting operation inside the house body from the outside, at the same time, it is conducive to safety production and the accident prevention. Sandblasting warning lights are set above the gate to warn outdoor operator.


The dust collector discharge reaches the national environmental protection standard, which ≤80mg/m3, capture particle size<5um, resistance <400Pa, good air permeability, low resistance, low energy consumption, and reliable filtering performance. The sandblasting system is controlled by a single-gun wireless remote control; the wireless sand blasting can reach the distance over 100 meters. Guns can be used for individually sandblast and individually blow, which can finish the dust cleaning of the workpiece surface after blasting. The wireless remote control device is simple and convenient to operation. Dust box filter cartridge cleaning is washed by the pulse tour system and the small particles remaining on the surface of the cartridge can be purged all at once. This pulse controller adopts automatic micro-computer control system and can be used simply by debugging. In the environment and safety aspects, in order to avoid harming the body of operator in the blast room both inside and outside, the control system adopts the door limit safety protection system.