Indoor Wall-mounted Advertising Display Screen

Indoor wall mounted advertising display can save space for you. This product has a wide range of uses, there are various sizes to choose from and is widely used in various indoor environments, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shops and so on. Used to promote products or deliver information while keeping customers and visitors up to date


The Application of Wall-mounted Advertising Display


Wall-mounted advertising screen occupies small space, strong visual, super wide-angle display and all-round viewing.


It is mainly used in hotel lobbies, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, building elevators, shopping mall aisles, banks, subways, airports, Exhibition halls and other crowded places.


More and more places choose to install advertising display because of their strong advertising efforts,  and wide spread of objects.


In operation, through the advertising display publishing system, establish network connection, remote operation, timing switch machine, advertising material content update, improve efficiency and reduce labor time costs.