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Lidar is a radar system that works from infrared to ultraviolet spectral segments, and its principles and construction are very similar to purple laser pointer range finder. Scientists use laser pulse to detect the known as the pulse laser radar, the use of continuous wave laser beam detection is called continuous wave laser radar. The role of the lidar is to accurately measure the target position (distance and angle), movement state (speed, vibration and attitude) and shape, detection, identification, resolution and tracking objectives. After years of efforts, scientists have developed fire control laser radar, detection of laser radar, missile guided lidar, range measurement lidar, navigation laser radar and so on.

With the pointer laser pen, completely remove the traditional manual operation of the mouse is not convenient to the user to bring the limitations of speech, to solve the user can not leave the lecture speech constraints. Can meet the needs of the current multimedia presentations to maximize the use of personnel to improve the speech effect, improve the use of modern users of information technology tools and work efficiency.

The laser pen is brown, there is a wrench, as long as the wrench can pull a bullet to play. There is a small bayonet on the muzzle, the small bayonet into the front, it becomes more powerful. There is a sight above the gun body, to fight the top, put the sight down; to play the next, put the sight up pull up

There are many uses for lasers, such as lasers pointer that can treat glaucoma and retinal disease. It can also help agronomic cultivation of mature early, high yield of vegetables and other new varieties. Laser TV, laser phone, laser computer … … has also come out. I believe that in the near future, with the increasingly developed technology, the use of the green laser pen will be more and more!