Rugged Notebooks

Emdoor Rugged Notebooks have strong processing performance, can support Intel i5/i7 high-performance processors, and supports windows7/windows10 operating systems, and has strong industry application software compatibility.Rich interfaces, support for dual network ports, and some interfaces of the industrial grade laptop can be modified to aviation interfaces according to customer needs. Long battery life, dual-battery design, flexible using, to ensure continuous uninterrupted outdoor work, efficiency work.Facing harsh environments, Emdoor durable laptops are without fear, but with strong adaptability and vitality.Mainly used in surveying, mapping, shipbuilding, electric, petroleum, chemical and other industries, the fully rugged laptop plays an important role.


Types of Rugged Notebooks





Features of Rugged Notebook

High performance​

Ruggedized notebook is built with high-performance intel i5/i7 processors, enhanced graphics performance, and good connectivity for all your needs.

Flexible options

The rugged desktop computer features modular or swappable slots for batteries or storage drives, giving your flexible and replaceable upgrade options without interrupting your current workflow.


FAQs of Rugged Notebook

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