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Worm Gear Slew Drive

Worm Gear Slew Drive

Worm Gear Slew Drive is a part with slewing bearing as the transmission and housing, worm gear as attachment. It is a versatile product which integrate rotation, deceleration and drive function and very easy to produce and maintain.


SWBTEC only only produce slewing drive but also produce slewing bearing as OEM for one of world famous slew ring bearing manufacturers.


SWBTEC slewing ring drive key technology is the uniquely designed slewing bearing which can handle all directions forces, as well as tilting moment which caused by the most demanding applications. Leading design of worm drive slew ring benefit from our engineers who has rich experience in gear design and manufacturing expertise.


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Worm Gear Slew Drive Features and Benefits


We only produce slewing bearing drives for engineering, construction and agricultural machinery and other transmission machinery.


Due to our rich experience in the production of slew ring bearings, and only selecting DANFOSS, one of the best hydraulic motors in the world, our slewing drive quality has always been the representative of domestic high quality.


At the same time, the slew drives produced by a well-known foreign companies in China has always chosen our worm gear slew drive as their worm drive key parts.


Due to our perfect control to the quality of the worm drive slew ring and much experience at our command, the slew drives production for us is like a duck to water.