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Slewing Bearing Without Gear

Slewing Bearing Without Gear

Slewing Bearing Without Gear, SWBTEC slewing bearings without gear usually include ball contact type and crossed roller type. Dimension is from 80mm-2500mm, and the material is 50Mn&42CrMo4. A slewing bearing without gear is widely used on many machines too, like rotators, package machines and lift cranes. As one of the leading slewing bearing manufacturers, whatever special requirement you need, SWBTEC can design and produce bearing slewing for you. We also often prepare a stock of forging steel for non-gear swing set bearings, please contact our sales team if you need any size.


Slewing Bearing Without Gear Features and Benefits

There are not too many slewing bearings without gear in our normal order. Some customers require that the slewing bearing without teeth must have a preload. In order to meet the needs of customers, our technicians have developed the preloaded slewing bearing production process and measuring process successfully.


In general, it relies on the axial displacement between the inner and outer small slewing ring of the bearing to eliminate part or all of the clearance to achieve preload. How do slewing bearing manufacturers measure preload?


The method slew ring bearing manufacturers use is the starting torque method: measure the starting tangential force with a tension meter, and calculate the starting torque. After the torque is obtained, the preload is estimated by the relationship between the starting torque and the preload.