2 inch Automatic Disc Filter

2-inch Automatic Disc Filter Introduction


Rosun 2-inch Automatic Disc Filter features deep, self-locking filtration ensuring stable filtration efficiency. It has the ability to capture fibrous and soft impurities efficiently.


Automatic disc filter introduces Israel’s advanced recoil unit, which only about 7-20 seconds to complete, in general, backwash water consumption is less than 0.5% of the filtered water, for viscous impurities, fibrous impurities can also achieve high-efficiency recoil. External recoil mode is provided and the required filter liquid can be reduced to zero.


The Advantage of Disc Filter


Stable filtration efficiency


High-efficiency backwash. when backwash it can save energy and water


Automatic control, continuous filtration


save space


Reliable operation, long life, the cost of system operation is low.


Specification of 2 inch Automatic Disc Filter

Filter unit

2 inch

Number of filter elements


Filtration accuracy


Backwash pressure

greater than 2.8Bar

Maximum working pressure


Filtration area


Backwash flow rate

8.11m3/h x 1

Maximum flow


Backwash time

10-20 seconds

External material

Reinforced Nylon, PP

Inlet and outlet interface

2-inch NPT, clamp


490 x 290 x200