CHICO AMICA® Amino Acid Granula Organic Fertilizer

Product Introduction


NPK: 12-1-2.

Amino acid ≥8%.

Alginic acid ≥5%.

Humic acid ≥15%.

Product Feature


This product is a high-tech water-soluble amino acid fertilizer, rich in organic matter, highly active humic acid, fulvic acid, pure plant-derived amino acid, and alginate. It has a fast dissolution rate and is very suitable for flushing fertilization. The product can greatly increase the absorption of fertilizer utilization by crops, improve soil structure, and make crops with high quality and high yield. The organic fertilizer contains a large amount of nutrients required by crops and provides a long-lasting supply of nutrients to plants.



The product contains comprehensive nutrients, which can promote crop growth and root development.


It can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the soil, improve beneficial soil colonies, induce plants to produce enzymes, and improve soil fertility and crop utilization.


Absorb soil heavy metals, reduce soil environmental pollution and crop harmful element enrichment, strengthen crop physiological regulation, promote crop cell activation, stimulate growth, induce crop production of resistant enzymes, enhance crop defense against pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce disease incidence.


It can also adjust the PH of the soil, activate the crop’s immune system, and improve the crop’s resistance to stress. It has the functions of cold and frost resistance, flower and fruit preservation, rooting and strong seedlings, and fruit expansion.


Uses and Recommendations



Base fertilizer

1500-3000 KG/Ha

Top dressing

750 KG/Ha


The specific usage amount can be adjusted appropriately according to local soil fertility, crop growth conditions and fertilization habits.



This product should be storage in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to the sun.


Please keep out of reach of children.