AR Smart Emergency

AR Solutions of AR Smart Emergency

The ar glasses communicate with the data of external sensors and display them on the glasses, allowing engineers to obtain information at the first time, the first perspective.


Field operators can communicate with technical experts in real-time, call remote experts in the process of operation, and interactively guide the operation with experts when the operator handles equipment problems.


Especially in high-altitude operations, wearing Chinese AR glasses can free your hands to concentrate on the tasks. Visualization of the manual enables the information needed by the inspectors to be pushed to the spot at any time, to improve work efficiency, obtain remote guidance, respond quickly to the hidden dangers, and reduce the possibility of danger occurrence.


Voice control instructions are available to avoid errors during operation. Operators can use the voice wake-up program by launching emergency response and recovery to store problems at any time, so that information can be traced. When using remote guidance, the operator can interact with a remote expert in full real-time voice interaction and work according to information prompts.