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Electrical Switches and Sockets

Guangdong Futina Electrical Co., Ltd is established in 1995. It has professional product research and development, quality management, production management and sales teams. It is committed to providing consumers with safe and cost-effective electrical switches and sockets. The product series includes Italian standard, English standard and European standard.


Futina’s Tips to install Electrical Switches and Sockets


Switch and Socket Design


Switches and sockets are an important part of home decoration. You need to consider whether the appearance of the product matches your furniture style before buying a switch and socket. Different designs, colors and materials will make the switch and socket look different style, fashion, elegant, lively or noble…Futina’s electrical sockets and switches have variety of options for cover plate and customized colors, you can decorate your home however you want.



Quality and Materials


Choose electrical sockets and switches, absolutely can not have any fluke, safety is the most important factor in choosing switch socket products, excellent product structure, high quality fireproof plastic, good electrification of copper, determine the product of high safety products. Futina always put this in the first place, all switch sockets can pass the IEC standard test.



Child Safety


For households with children (which means all households at some point in time), child safety is a fundamental concern. Having shock-proof switch covers and shuttered sockets gives you one less thing to worry about when a toddler is around. So that you know, all Futina’s switch and socket with Child Safe features and support devices.