Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the designer duo of the Viktor&Rolf brand, are brothers in the same discipline and graduated from the Arnhem Institute of Technology and Design in the Netherlands. The Viktor&Rolf duo arrives unexpectedly with an absurd style, mixed with Baroque style, which is very different from the abstract art that advocates simplicity today. They use a lot of accessories and think hard to bring fashion into a realm of luxury. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren named this series Fashion Statements. They said in the backstage: “Literally, what can you say about clothes.” Their studio had imagined 18 excellent, oversized dresses made entirely of colorful tulle: some were fluffy Some of the sleeves have layered skirts, all of which are very colorful and very fluffy. Moreover, every creation speaks for itself. The designer naturally uses its characteristic monotonous expression to impose no meaning, but invites us to come to our own understanding. One impression is that although these exaggerated books are familiar to Horsting and Snoeren, they can intuitively metaphorize the sounds they like in the virtual world where these language memes are located (Snoeren is very satisfied with this idea). More importantly, mistake these works for actual slogan T-shirts or the infamous Melania Trump jacket style. All the various typography and graphic designs (text as well as eagle head, skull, candy heart, etc.) come from other tulle layers. Trite emotion supported by technical prowess.