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Birkom air shocks for sale is a very competitive product unit of the Komman Group. Advanced technology of air shock kit and good management teams from the world’s top 500 companies are our advantages, Komman Birkom has continued to invest in research and development of adjustable air shocks, and continuously improve the production process and air ride shocks products. And quality management strictly follows the TS16949 international standard. In recent years, Komman Birkom air ride custom made shock absorbers have not only been rapidly developed in mainland China, but also exported to many countries in the world, and have been unanimously recognized by customers.


Birkom Air Suspension Shock Absorber Solution Introduction

Our air shocks for sale are divided into three types according to different application scenarios, which are 36mm cylinder diameter, 45 mm cylinder diameter, and 50 mm cylinder diameter. Contact us for more information of shock absorber price.


Advantages of Birkom Custom Made Shock Absorbers

Pay more attention to the safety of drivers and cargo

The Birkom custom shock absorbers can quickly attenuate the vibration generated by the vehicle during driving, thereby improving the ride comfort of the vehicle; the air shock kit is beneficial to protect the body of the driver and the occupant, the long-distance driving is not easy to fatigue, and the comfort is also improved. Ride comfort and safety in driving. Also these adjustable air shocks can be manually filled. Our shock absorber wholesale can effectively protect the goods transported on the vehicle from being easily damaged and is suitable for high-speed and long-distance transportation of passengers and vibration-resistant goods such as hazardous materials, electrical equipment, and precision machinery.


Pay more attention to product quality assurance

Custom Shock Absorbers

The surface of the air suspension shock absorber piston rod is subjected to high-frequency quenching, surface micro-crack chrome plating and super-precision longitudinal polishing to ensure smooth contact between the piston rod and the oil seal, extending the life of the oil seal and thus extending the life of the product.


Air Shocks

Birkom’s world-class quality oil seals use high-quality oil seals to reduce friction between the piston rod and the oil seal, and extend the life of the oil seal and product life. With the unremitting efforts of the technical team, we have overcome the problems of China’s wide-ranging temperature difference, altitude change, dry and wet changes, and developed our own oil seal, patent number: (2018200086735), the oil seal with multi-lip design can effectively seal oil Liquid, high-pressure nitrogen, isolate external dust and dirt, to ensure air shock suspension product quality and life.


Air Shock Absorber

Birkom uses American imported brand piston rings, which have excellent wear resistance and effectively prevent damping attenuation. It ensures close contact between the piston and the working cylinder wall, eliminates oil leakage between them, and obtains a stable damping force.


Air Shocks for Trucks

Birkom high-performance shock absorber oil, using high-quality shock absorber oil is very good in anti-foam and anti-shear. Reduce the cost of shock absorbers product idle travel and wear of internal valve system parts, and long product life. The shock absorber has excellent temperature/viscosity performance and is suitable for the normal use of vehicles in different regions and climatic conditions.


Air Shock Kit

The three major powder metallurgy parts of Birkom air shocks for sale are all produced by well-known manufacturers, and the test parameters are better than those of similar international product factories. The piston of Birkom has been promoted to research again on the basis of the first generation of American and European designs, and finally in December 2016 the design of air shocks for towing was completed by the end of the month. The second-generation valve system is specifically designed for a variety of road conditions and customer needs, effectively responding to bumpy road conditions and slowing down the rapid rise in temperature. Further improve the durability of the custom shock absorbers.


Passed the U.S. SGS durability test

Dual-frequency endurance test report-American SGS

Durability Test Results of Air Shock Absorber for Sale




Start Date

End Date

Total Cycles

SOT Weight (g)


Weight (g)


Weight (g)










Suspend test. Sample 36% loss of load & Rod discolouration noted. No oil leakage was noted. Replace with Slave Shock #3 (Replacement)









Test Suspended per customer request. Shock still operating normally. Discoloration noted. No oil leakage was noted.


Comparison of Air Shock Absorber Main Technical Parameters



Birkom air shocks for sale and internationally renowned brands were tested blindly in the U.S. SGS laboratory in 2016


Fatigue test times of shock absorber


Test comparative analysis



Birkom air shock absorber kit


The test was suspended according to customer requirements, and the sample load loss was 20%. Our  Birkom air shocks breaker for sale can still work normally, with discoloration and no signs of oil leakage.

Replacing autoride shocks with regular shocks, the Birkom custom shock absorbers was tested in the same way as the international famous brand, and the result proved that the test result of the Birkom adjustable air shocks was [better].




International well-known brand


The test is suspended, the sample load loss is 36%, the screw is discolored, and there is no sign of oil leakage





Road Test of Birkom Air Shock Absorber for Sale

Birkom shock absorber has been verified by actual road tests of different road conditions and different Vehicle models and can achieve good performance.


Vehicle Verification of Birkom Air Shocks Breaker for Sale

Experimental location

Customer Name

Model of Vehicle

Test Description




Proving ground

Xiangfan automotive proving ground



Endurance test

5,729 kilometers of strengthened roads



Xiangfan automotive Proven Ground



Endurance test

2000 kilometers of integrated roads



Xiangfan automotive Proven Ground

Suzhou HIGER

Lightweight new models

Endurance test

have not started



Beijing Tongzhou Proven Ground

Beijing FOTON

Lightweight new models

Endurance test

30000km road test



Hainan bus factory

Hunan CRRC


Endurance test

6,500 kilometers of integrated roads


OEM Test Field

BYD Shenzhen second factory zone


First vehicle: C8A-2

Endurance test

7000 kilometers of integrated roads



Second vehicle: C8B-3

15,000 kilometers of fortified roads



10,000 kilometers of bus traffic



7000 kilometers of high-speed road conditions

Public Roads

Jilin Huadian

Terminal customers


Endurance test

30,000 kilometers of urban roads



Shanxi Yangquan

Terminal customers


Endurance test

80000 kilometers of urban roads




Hunan zhuzhou

Zhuzhou Chunhua


Endurance test

35,000 kilometers of urban roads



Jiading city road

Jiading bus


Endurance test

25,000 kilometers of urban roads



Shandong road test

Luo Xiang


Endurance test

Yunguichuan public road




Production Quality Assurance of Birkom Air Shock Absorber for Sale

High-rigidity double A-arm structure, wide airbag span, low non-spring load-bearing quality, low dynamic load impact; the air shocks for towing camper and towing trailer can be realized according to the needs of three stage/2-stage steering transmission mechanism, which can be matched with disc brakes of different manufacturers (Hande, Knorr, Sorl, Youfin, etc ), more adaptable; komman system adopts American Con Met integral oil-lubricated bearings, which has large heat capacity, and the wheel hub bearings are not easy to burn. It can be matched with 175 outers tires, and 315/ With 80-size tires, the custom made shock absorber is suitable for bus and tourist passenger vehicles over 11 meters.