Air Freight

Airfreight and logistics are also called air freight transportation. Generally, it is the transportation of more urgent goods. When other transportation cannot meet the time required by the customer, the customer will choose air freight courier transport logistics. Realhong, an professional international air cargo shipping company, our airfreight shipping services have won a considerable market with their fast, safe, punctual, reasonable air shipment cost, and ultra-high efficiency, greatly shortening the delivery time, and has played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain. The benefits of air transportation have led major airlines to invest in a large number of flights to get the cake of freight, but the air cargo cost is higher than that of sea transportation.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Freight


Advantages of air transportation:


Very fast delivery


Low air freight cost


Low cargo damage rate and good safety


Suitable for fresh and seasonal products


Suitable for the urgency by air freight


Disadvantages of air transportation:


The main disadvantage of air transportation is that the cabin volume and load capacity of the aircraft are relatively small, and for international air freight shipping companies, the air freight cost and air shipping rates are higher than other transportation. The air transport of goods is subject to certain restrictions on weather conditions, which will affect its normal and punctuality. In addition, the advantages of fast international air transportation are difficult to fully utilize in short-distance transportation.


Air Freight Services

The specific operation methods of air transportation mainly include flight transportation, charter transportation, and centralized consignment; air urgent delivery, cash on delivery, air transportation, etc. The services provided by air transportation include air freight forwarding services, air freight courier services, forward air truckload services, air cargo courier services, air cargo door to door services, air cargo parcel services, cargo charter services, airport cargo services, and prompt cargo services, etc. Realhong, as a professional and beat air cargo shipping company, will provide you with reliable international air cargo services and domestic air cargo services by air cargo, and pursue to be one of the best air freight companies.


Global Air Freight

Domestic air freight transportation is the fastest means of long-distance transportation.


Domestic air freight rates and quotes are according to air freight price per kg.


International air freight & logistics has won a considerable market with its fast, safe, and punctual efficiency, greatly shortened the delivery time, and has the characteristics of fast and mobile. So the air freight business is very popular and is indispensable for the transportation of valuables, fresh goods, and precision instruments in international trade. Lack of ways.


Air Freight Solutions

For your air freight, you can choose from airport to airport, door to door,  airport to door, or from door to airport transportation. We can help you find the best choice and route for your loading.


By accessing a vast network of aviation hubs, we ensure a seamless air freight solution. These prompt cargo services are based on the preferred and audited carrier transport ships portfolio through the air.


To ensure the quality standards of service, we measure and evaluate partners’ performance continuously. In addition, we also operate a combination of high-security levels to protect your inventory and assets at all times.


We take proactive measures such as uplift and arrival control to ensure on-time delivery. In rare cases of discrepancies, we take the initiative to convey information to customers about shipping status and solutions.


Air Freight & Cargo

For most business owners, air freight and air cargo are interchangeable to refer to air freight. The two modes of long-distance transportation are similar.


However, there are significant and important differences between them that may affect which mode of transportation suits your needs.


The use of air transport is an important component of international shipping and serves as a critical link in the chain and other forms of freight services for the seamless transport of goods from one location to another.