Application Of VFD In Cement

Writing the future of reliable, energy saving and controllable in cement and construction area.


Hiconics’s medium voltage drive could effectively solve the shortcomings that are difficult to control, such as poor linearity and large pure delay in adjusting the fineness of the powder and improves the reliability of system operation.


Main loads


The medium voltage VFDs could be usually found on kilns, conveyors, other material handling equipment, roller mills, pumps, and compressors. Taking common loads in the cement industry as an example, Hiconics’s VFD will bring the following improvements to your equipment:



Always come along with inconstant load, large jump range, the requirements of large starting torque of the inverter, and strong overcurrent capability. Through the VFDs of Hiconics, it can realize automatic load adjustment, improve motor efficiency, adjust the appropriate speed according to the discharge size, and effectively improve work efficiency.



can be used to grind the pre-crushed limestone, auxiliary ingredients, and grind raw meal powder. The raw materials are often with different sizes and large vibrations. When starting, increase the speed and then drop the stick (with material); when the load is uneven, load rejection will occur.



With our Medium Woltage Drive the air volume of the fans can be adjusted in time according to the needs of the process to achieve energy saving.