LCD Interactive Touch Screen

With the continuous development of advertising media, in order to achieve better advertising effects, people use LCD interactive touch screens, combined with multimedia display methods such as audio, video, text and images, to present better advertising effects. The LCD interactive touch screen is responsive, extremely fast writing, sliding to clear the screen, free zoom, colorful annotations, very smooth, stable and reliable. The interactive touch screen is generally wall-mounted or floor-standing, and it’s mostly used in schools, conferences, governments, hospitals, shopping malls and other places. LCD interactive touchscreens can be wall mounted or embedded in custom cabinets or walls to save space. The floor-standing interactive touch screen can be placed at will to display business information and interpret brand civilization.


Types of LCD Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Smart Meeting Screen

Any choice of non touch and touch methods, 20 points omnidirectional touch, responsive and fast, quickly grab the content you want.


Teaching Interactive Whiteboard

It can be compatible with various teaching software, has powerful memory and can be used in various schools and teaching intelligent whiteboards that use online teaching.


Conference Interactive Whiteboard

Provides a megapixel camera, supports various online meetings of various sizes, and can choose conference whiteboards of different sizes for various meetings.


How Does LCD Interactive Touch Screen Works?

The Touch Screen is an Inductive LCDDevice That Can Receive Input Signals Such As Contacts

When the graphic buttons on the screen are touched, the tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connection devices according to pre-programmed programs and create vivid audio-visual effects through the LCD screen.


The main function of the touch screen controller is to receive touch points from the touch point detection device information, and convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU, it can also receive the command sent by the CPU and execute it.


The Technology of LCD Interactive Touch Screen



The screen body part of the resistive touch screen is a multi-layer composite film that matches the surface of the display. Resistive touch screen is a working environment that is completely isolated from the outside world. It is not afraid of dust and water vapor. It can be touched by any object, and can be used to write and draw. It is more suitable for the use of limited people in the field of industrial control and the office.