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TFT LCD Display Module

The TFT display is a kind LCD, one of the best and most high- tech LCD , which combined both the display effect of CRT and the response speed of a LCD, has been widely use in mobile, laptops, on wall LCD monitors etc.


Its images quality and responds speed were improved,on one hand, the components are integrated directly on the glass substrate,the pixels can be continuously controlled by itself.


On the other hand, the implement of thin film transistor technology, it uses active matrix, equipping each pixel with a transistor that includes capacitor which empower each sub-pixel to retain its charge,no need request every time, so the respond speed was greatly increased.


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How does a TFT display work?

The TFT display works by using a thin film transistor to control the images and info,as the Pixels do not emit light,so we need to use a backlight to illuminate it. The brightness of sub-pixels also be controlled by transistors.  


What technologies are used to control LCD, TFT pixels?

There are two technologies to control pixels: Passive Matrix Structure and Active Matrix Structure.


With the development, Active Matrix is more widely used due to it’s higher resolution, wider viewer angle, faster responds etc advantages.


Passive Matrix usually been used for single number, text displays like calculators, digital watches and clocks.


IPS-TFT and TFT-LCD Advantages and Negatives

IPS TFT advantage:As the pixels would block light automatically in inactive state, the IPS-TFT show higher contrast, better color consistent and readability, it can exhibit optimum visibility even in daylight


IPS TFT Negatives: more complicated production process cause in higher cost, limited size options, higher power consumption etc.


TFT LCD advantage: plenty size ranges, because it’s mature craft with high yields, the price is quite competitive.


TFT LCD Negatives:limited contrast, Color inversion visible at wide viewing angle


Where can our TFT display be applied?

The term “TFT LCD” is a combination of two short forms that are “TFT” and “LCD”. “TFT” translates to “Thin Film Transistor”. “LCD” translates to “Liquid Crystal Display”. LCD is a technology used in display devices. LCD allows devices to be thinner than the devices using CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes). TFT is a type of LCD-flat panel screen that uses one to four transistors. These transistors control the pixels. Another name given to these is Active-Matrix LCD. One of their advantages is that they are much faster and brighter. TFT is capable of displaying thousands of high contrast color pixels. STONE TECH provides a wide variety of TFT LCD displays.