Rockwool Sandwich Panel Machine and Its Advantages

Rockwool sandwich panel machine produces sandwich panels made from rockwool. It gives full play to the unique properties of the rockwool core material, the production of which has remarkable effects on fire prevention, heat preservation, sound absorption and sound insulation.


The rockwool sandwich panel production line is suitable for steel structure workshops, roofs and walls of mobile houses and ceilings and partitions of air clean rooms though it is not very strong.


There are many advantages of sandwich panel equipment, here are some of them as below:



The unique properties of the rockwool core material can be fully shown by the machine, including fireproofing, heat insulation, and sound absorption.


1. Excellent fire resistance: the raw materials, production technology and formula used in the rockwool sandwich panel make it have good fire resistance. Tests show that it has a fire resistance over 1000°C.


2. Good thermal insulation: the thermal insulation performance of the panel is calculated based on the thermal conductivity of the rockwool which is 0.043W/㎡K and the thickness of the rockwool core material in the corresponding proportion.


3. Remarkable effects of sound absorption:

Sound insulation: the rockwool sandwich panel machine has a significant effect on reducing noise transmission, especially suitable for places where are near advertised routes. In addition, with rockwool roof panels, the indoor noise of rain and hail on the roof steel plates of the building will also greatly weaken. Through testing, in accordance with ISO 717/82 and UNI 8270/7 standards, the sound insulation effect of a sandwich panel with a density of 120kg/m³ rockwool as the core material can reach RW=29-30 dB.


4. Sound absorption: the machine also has an excellent sound absorption effect, which can absorb sound in a relatively wide frequency range. According to the ISO 35/85 standard, the sound absorption performance level of the panels reaches DELTA LA=15.7dB(A).


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