A screw conveyor for sale is a type of machinery that pushes material as the screw rotates under the power of an electric motor. The wholesale screw conveyor produced by Hengchuang, one of the top screw conveyor manufacturers in China, adheres to high operational efficiency by eliminating the need for workers to manually move loads. If you want to buy screw conveyor, contact us now!


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Features Of Screw Conveyor


The cost is modest and the structure is rather straightforward.


Dependable performance and simple maintenance administration.


Tiny footprint, small cross-sectional dimension, and compact size. In the port’s unloading process, the hatch and carriage are easily accessible.


It is possible to use sealed conveying, which is helpful for moving commodities that are flammable, hot, and pungent while also lowering environmental pollution and enhancing working conditions for port employees.


Simple to load and unload. At each point along its conveyor line, the horizontal screw conveyor may be loaded or emptied.


Screw Conveyor


Application Of Screw Conveyor


Conveying chemical, building materials, grain and other materials, mostly powder, granular, and tiny lumpy materials.


High-water-content kitchen waste


PP, PET, and other crushed materials.


Operating Principle Of Screw Conveyor

When the screw shaft of a Hengchuang screw conveyor rotates, the material can only be pushed forward under the blade along the bottom of the conveyor tank due to gravity and friction with the tank wall. In this situation, it appears as though the nut cannot rotate along the rotating screw for translational movement. The spiral blade in the axial rotation of the material along the tangential direction of the blade upward and forward force produces the majority of the material’s forward power.


Q&A Of Screw Conveyor

What Varieties of Screw Conveyors Exist?

There are two kinds of shaftless spiral and shafted spiral, which can be installed horizontally or inclined.

What Items Cannot Be Transported with a Screw Conveyor?

Rough materials are not appropriate for being transported by a screw conveyor, and continuous use will greatly increase the conveyor’s wear and tear.