Single Core Power Cable (PVC Insulated)

PVC insulated single core cables are normally used in the network power system and local power transmitting system. These PVC single core cables have a plain anneal strand or solid conduct with PVC insulation and sheath. Single core PVC insulated cable/wire is referred to as CU/PVC/PVC 0.6/1KV single core power cable. The standard is IEC 60502-1 and AS/NZS5000.1 in Australia market. The max size we can supply for the single core PVC insulated cable is up to 1000mm².

Single Core Power Cable (PVC Insulated) Parameter

Description of Single Core Power Cable (PVC Insulated)

Rated Temperature: 70℃

Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

Reference Standard: GB/T12706, IEC60502, BS6346

Model: VV

Shaped stranded copper conductors

Flame retardant insulated with PVC compound

PVC bedded

Flame retardant PVC sheathed overall

Application of Single Core Power Cable (PVC Insulated)

• For fixed installation of the transmission and distribution systems, tunnels and pipelines and other occasions.

• For situation not suppose to bear external mechanical force.