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CNC Machining ABS

For 14 years, Flourish Legend has become one of the professional precision CNC machining manufacturers of ABS plastic parts in China, no matter how high the accuracy and complexity of the product, we are able to provide an automated machining process, major, comprehensive project management, leading assembly line and logistics services . Our mission has always been to assist customers in manufacturing high-quality parts at competitive prices and fast lead times. ABS materials are widely used in auto parts, electronic product casings, home appliances, toys, etc. Find out now how you and your business can take advantage of our services.


Basic Knowledge of ABS Plastic CNC Machining

ABS materials are widely used but very important machined plastic parts. It is a kind of “tough, hard and rigid” material with easy-to-obtain raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price and wide application. ABS plastics are widely used in machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ship and other manufacturing industries and chemical industry.