USB Charger

USB charger is using a cable that connects the device’s port to the one of the computers. As a reliable USB charger supplier in China, Alrightpower with its own factory offers various types of USB charger, each with high quality and attractive design. By by using our small portable USB charger, electronics like smart phones, personal digital assistants, and digital music players can recharge their batteries. Micro USB charger provided by Alrightpower really provides convenience for us.


What is a USB Type C Charger?

USB Type C charger is a kind of plug’s shape, developed by USB-IF. USB Type C charger wins the support of many renowned USB charger manufacturers and power suppliers. USB C charger by Alrightpower, a professional company specializing in USB wall charger and USB C PD charger, boats of its one-size-fits-all solution for charging, increasingly popular in devices like PCs and smart phones. For such devices as 24V 0.5A power adapters and mobile batteries, USB Type C is also commonly used. With this portable USB charger, there is no need to worry about running out of charge while playing games, typing an email or watching movies through your smart phone.


What is the Difference of Charger Types between USB and USB C?

From USB to USB C, USB C charger is actually an upgrade of USB. It has a reversible new shape and is slimmer than before. USB Type C charger adapter can fit into the smallest of devices and support bi-directional power. USB C charger by Alrightpower, a reliable ac adapter manufacturer, handles more wattage and data throughput and can be used for very high bandwidth use cases. It can handle 15w, 18w, 30w, 45w, 60w, 65w, 100w, 120 wattage; 5v, 12v, 20v, 24 voltage; 1amp, 2amp, 2.1amp, 2.4amp, 3amp… Alrightpower also provides USB C charger with different port such as 2 port and 10 port USB charger.