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CNC 5-axis Machining


If you want to find a cost effective 5 axis CNC machining service for your product, YS Rapid can be a good choice for you. Based on our rich experiences and professional expertise in custom 5 axis machining, our cooperative 5 axis CNC machining service is available for both rapid prototyping and small & large batch production runs. Working with YS who is one of top 5 axis machining manufacturers in China, the most advanced processing machinery allow us to machine end-use cnc machining parts in high efficiency while maintaining outstanding quality. A wide range of materials and surface finishes are available for best option for your parts. The materials including but not limited to ABS, PTFE, PEEK, PC, Nylon, POM,  Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Carbon steel, and so on. Polishing, painting, printing,sandblasting, oxidation, anodizing, plating, powder coating and more surface finishing services bring better surface for your machined parts. Our China custom 5 axis CNC machining services provide superior quality and low cost machining parts that meet your requirements for many industries such as medical, electronic, aerospace, automotive, robot and automation, and more .


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Introduction of 5-axis CNC Machining Services


1. CNC machining is a substractive processing method that uses computer-controlled precision machines and various cutting tools to remove material to obtain the intended design parts. There are three main types of CNC machines, including horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, and lathes.


2. Compared to a traditional 3-axis machine, a 5-axis CNC machine has two additional axes. With a 5-axis machine, the cutting tool can machine parts in five directions instead of three. These additional axes offer more movement and rotation during the machining processing. Let’s learn more about 5-axis CNC machining services.


Advantages of 5-Axis CNC Machining Services


5-axis machining is a kind of precision quality machining that has the unique advantage that the milling machine and part can be moved around multiple axes simultaneously in up to 5 ways. Therefore, 5-axis machining enables the cost-effective manufacturing of complex parts.


Lets look more about advantages of 5-axis CNC machining:


Decreasing number of settings.


If machining needs to be done on multiple surfaces, 3-axis machining requires multiple setups to achieve the desired geometry by manually rotating the workpiece. With a 5-axis machine, fewer setups are required to machine parts with complex geometries.


The need for complex fixtures can be avoided. In 3-axis machining, it often needs to use complex fixtures to hold the part in the desired orientation. With two additional axes, 5-axis machining enable manufacturers to avoid making these complex fixtures because the workpiece is fixed in one position on the part and rotated to process the geometry.


Improve material removal efficiency.


5-axis machining makes the cutting tool tangent to the cutting surface. As a result, cycle times and costs can be reduced, as the amount of removal of the cutting tool increases with each cut.


Excellent surface finish.


During 3-axis machining, a large number of smaller cuts must be made to manufacture the desired surface finish, which adds to expensive lead times. In contrast, 5-axis machines can produce better surface finishes because they are superior in contour geometry.


When Need to Use 5-axis Machining Services?


Thanks to the additional axes, faces of up to five parts can be machined in just one operation. These qualities make the process very efficient and precise. For these reasons, 5-axis machines are ideal for parts with complex motion and complex geometries that would otherwise require a lot of setup. As part designers create increasingly complex parts, they need to machine at least five different faces, which means that 5-axis machining is increasingly becoming the preferred solution for custom precision machining.


In contrast to traditional 3-axis machining, 5-axis CNC machining allows workpieces to work in five axes instead of just three. While traditional 3-axis machining is still versatile and useful for some projects, 5-axis machining is better for parts that have more complex features. That is, if there is only one flat surface to cut, a 3-axis machine may be the best choice in terms of economy. In addition, 3-axis machines are easier to program, thus eliminating the cost of using professional CNC programmers.