4 inch Automatic Disc Water Filter

The filtration process of 4 inch Automatic Disc Filter: the discs are compressed together by both the spring and the pressure difference on the tightening cap, forming a sturdy filter element preventing solids breakthrough. The inlet water flows into the filter through the filter element. And the suspended solids in the water are trapped on and between the discs. It is not only an industrial filter but also an irrigation disc filter.


Features and Advantages of 4 inch Automatic Disc Water Filter


Stable filtration efficiency;


High-efficiency back washing, energy saving, and water saving during backwashing;


Fully automatic control, continuous filtering;


space saving;


Reliable operation, long service life, and low cost of system operation.


Specification of 4 inch Automatic Disc Water Filter

Filter unit

4 inch

Number of filter elements


Filtration accuracy


Backwash pressure

greater than 2.8Bar

Maximum working pressure


Filtration area


Backwash flow rate

8.11m3/h x 5

Maximum flow


Backwash time

10-20 seconds

External material

304 stainless steel

Inlet and outlet interface

4-inch clamp


605 x 514 x 450


10 kg