Wire Mesh Welding Machine

The use of CNC automatic production equipment to complete the high-speed welding of steel mesh, mesh automatically placed neatly, automatic transmission.


① Wire Mesh Welding Machine has advanced technology is introduced from Europe, lots of parts have patent for invention, the high efficiency also high endurance and humane designings are safe and reliable;

② High precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;

③ Wire Mesh Welding Machine is workable with wire diameter 3-12, speed 60-90m/min, maximum mesh width 4000mm;

④ Transformer, electrodes and SCR of welding units are cooled by compulsive water-cooling, water pressure testing system is mounted to ensure the good condition of operation which greatly lengthens the service life

⑤ The efficiency of the electrode tip is increased as a result of 1# rare earth alloy copper, because of this the cost is saved effectively; High-quality welding, tiny spark;

⑥ The machine can work with different length wires in the same time, the efficiency has been raised strikingly;

⑦ The mirror shape machine can be used with the traditional one, it’s a labour saving and double the efficiency;

⑧ TJK Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine has been sold nearly 1000 pcs around the world.