Cable Tie Mounting Base

The cable tie holders (also called nylon cable tie mounts) are made of high-quality nylon material, which is lightweight and anti-aging. The color of the nylon cable tie mounts can be black or white. The zip tie cable mounts can be easily concealed for a neat appearance.


The sticky cable tie mounts can be widely used for wire management clips and electronic cord organizers.  The cable tie mounting base for cable ties is a very good solution for securing cables to the back of televisions and home theatre equipment, running cabling along the wall, running cabling along the roof (indoors), and under desks and tables.


Cable Tie Saddle

Saichuang saddle-type cable tie holder is made of UL-approved nylon66 material, with fine workmanship, strong endurance, and diverse functions, which can meet different occasions and different needs.


Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

These adhesive backed cable tie brackets are perfect for any application.where a wire needs to be securely mounted without damaging the mounting surface.