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WHEE takes the quality of its products as the soul of the company and places great emphasis on the professional experience of achievement quality.


As a leading cooling fan factory, our products are diverse, ranging from DC cooling fans/cooling fan DC, DC motor cooling blowers, electronic cooling fans to brushless DC blowers. From the procurement of materials in the early stage to the finished products in the later stage, WHEE has always strictly examined every link, every process and every detail with a precise and professional eye to ensure the stable function and excellent performance of the factory equipment.



Adopt the most advanced design, with high air volume, low noise, corrosion resistance,high quality bearing, silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, high reliability.

General type DC brushless 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 48V

Frequency generator 23k-28kHz Alarm signal output

Reversed Protection

Auto Restarted protection

PWM control output

OVP & OCP & OTP protection

PWM & Temperature control

MCU control application

      – Auto Vehicle 100HZe

      -CAM BOX design

      – EMI disturbance preserve

3-phase IC control