Cast Molding Service

Cast molding refers to the processing process in which liquid raw materials are poured into a mold and cooled and solidified at room temperature. Zhongde has many years of casting experience. Our experienced engineers can accurately analyze whether the product is suitable for casting products according to the product structure.


For example, Zhongde will offer and recommend reusable metal casting molds for customers who need mass production of making identical products. The reusable metal casting molds are useful since they can be used repeatedly. Zhongde provides casting for different metal casting molds with 3D printing such as silicone casting molds, steel casting molds, aluminum casting molds, and brass casting molds. Zhongde also focuses on different plastic mould casting like TPE casting, PU urethane casting, and polymer cast molding.


Advantages of Cast Molding

Low-volume production

High accurate production

A wide variety of finish options

Rapid turnaround on parts

Durability for maximum wear and strength

Cast Molding Capabilities