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Front View Lens


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Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive front view lens field and provides comprehensive selection for high-resolution lens solutions to perfectly match the demands of front machine vision application and greatly support ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AV(Autonomous Vehicles).


The Global Pioneer In Automotive Front View Lens Field

Front sensing cameras need to capture more dynamic images and details, and requir higher dynamic range for sensor with the development of autonomous driving technology.  High-dynamic sensors can improve image sensitivity, reduce image distortion effectively and put a very demanding requirement on front view lens performance. Sunny lens solution can meet HDR imaging applications and ensure the best image quality by design optimization and coating technology.


High resolution & detecting details of object


High efficiency & clear image quality in low-illumination environment


Stable and excellent focusing  property and thermal compensation performance


Expertise in theoretical simulation for stray light and ghost and prevent signal interference from high beam


Excellent heating function to achieve rapid defogging and defrosting