Custom Trampoline Socks

Our customized trampoline socks not only provide an important source of revenue for our customers, but also an important entertainment product that guarantees the health and safety standards of trampoline parks, inflatable theme parks, software games, and water parks worldwide. We continuously make new socks for trampoline park plans and provide the most suitable and economical socks solutions for trampoline park customers who have various personalized needs.


As a professional trampoline socks manufacturer, INNOVATE has focused on quality and design for over 20 years, we can provide complete customer service according to your requirements from designing to delivery. Our nonslip trampoline socks will provide you with a better experience and make you move fluidly on the trampoline. High quality and cheap price guaranteed, as low as $0.3 per pair (EXW price). Talk to our socks specialist about your needs, we’ll get you a satisfied solution.


Innovate is specialized in wholesale trampoline socks, if you need bulk trampoline socks, please contact us without hesitation.


Necessity of Jump Socks for Trampoline

You can’t wear ordinary shoes to play trampoline. Ordinary shoes can provide good support for our feet, so that when we walk, but there is no need to wear such shoes to play trampoline, because such shoes wear more for trampoline. Jump socks for trampoline is conducive to the long-term use of trampoline and reduces the damage rate of trampoline.

You can’t play trampoline barefoot. If you play the trampoline barefoot, the hygiene of the trampoline will be bad, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the trampoline, wearing trampoline park grip socks to play, users will have a better sense of experience. The staff of the trampoline hall are also more comfortable with cleaning and disinfection, reducing unnecessary workload.

Trampoline jump socks are highly professional. People wear ordinary socks or barefoot to play trampoline, is not conducive to trampoline socks, can not stand well. On the other hand, socks for trampoline park can make you stand on the trampoline and play jumping activities more stably, paying attention to personal safety and entertainment, so that you can play more freely and have room to play in the trampoline park.


Custom and Wholesale Trampoline Socks


Why Wear Trampoline Socks ?


The trampoline is made of PP nylon material with a smooth surface. Children and their parents have a lot of fun playing, and sweat will increase the smoothness of the trampoline surface, which will bring dangerous factors to users. For safety, it requested users entering the trampoline park to wear non-slip trampoline socks. Anti-slip trampoline socks have grips at the bottom, which can increase resistance and play the role of protector. That’s why it is a must for letting everyone wear non-slip trampoline socks before entering the trampoline area for fun.



Among various exercise methods, trampolining seems to be a more exciting and interesting choice. The calories burnt by jumping on a trampoline for 10-15minutes is equivalent to walking for half an hour. For children as well as adults, this is a great way to use your energy to do something that is not only healthy but also fun. Trampoline socks can protect the soles of your feet from long-time jumping, and can also protect your toes from being stuck on the trampoline. In addition, non-slip trampoline socks with a nice grip pattern on the sole can help better hold the trampoline firmly. It can also protect your feet from being injured by other people having the same fun on the trampoline.



Everyone’s feet sweat and some have foot odor problems. If everyone uses their bare feet to play on the trampoline, the hygiene of such trampolines will be worse. A lot of sweat and odor will remain on the trampoline, which is not conducive for parks to use trampolines for a long time. We still recommend that you wear non-slip trampoline socks to play in case to make everyone more enjoyable. The staff in the trampoline park will be less baring unnecessary work for cleaning and disinfection, which is also a kind of care for everyone!


Wanna Know More About Trampoline Socks ?

Trampoline exercise is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatic skills in rebounding from a trampoline, which is a type of gymnastics. With the continuous development of the sports, fitness, and leisure industries and the diversified needs of people for life experiences, trampolines have entered various sports, fitness, and leisure occasions. Trampoline exercise is a more calorie-loss way to lose weight than regular sports such as running. Exercise on the trampoline, the body will coordinate and drive the core muscles and limb strengths of the body in order to maintain balance, especially the abdominal muscles. Long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, prevent and reduce obesity and other symptoms.

Thus, people need to wear nice socks on the trampoline. However, the current socks on the market are not suitable for the trampoline. If you don’t wear the socks specifically designed for trampoline sports, it will lead to problems such as slipping on the trampoline and easy foot injuries. When it comes into contact with the trampoline net or thick blanket, the coefficient of friction is not high, which will lead to mistakes and even fall though it is slightly worse. Especially for beginners or amateurs, it increases the risk of injury. The non-slip trampoline socks are characterized in a sock body, and a non-slip area is provided in a printed manner at the bottom of the sock body, and a plurality of protrusions is provided in the non-slip area. Wonderful trampoline parks need wonderful trampoline socks. Contact us to get your unique trampoline socks!


Understand our production capacity

We have computerized socks machines from 96 to 200 needles, socks plastic dropping machines, setting machines, automatic packaging machines, we have the OEKO-TEX certificate. We can solve the problems that often occur when plastic dropping, so our grips quality and effect are pretty good. Our total monthly capacity is over 300 million pairs of socks. And amounting to over 3500 million pairs of socks annually.


Trampoline Socks FAQs

Q.Q: Should you wear socks on a trampoline?


A:When you bounce on the trampoline, you can control the direction well. The extra grip has a great influence on the player’s jumping and trying new skills. They also help to traction on the spring floor and smooth concrete floor facilities. Trampoline socks also play a very good effect on the flying bed and the rolling track (black poly bed).


Q.Q: What are trampoline socks?


A: Professional non-slip trampoline socks contain cotton, nylon, Lycra, and rubber sock soles specially designed for the trampoline. They have a very good positioning effect on the trampoline. When you need it most, they can increase the grip ability and traction on the edge of the trampoline…


Q.Q: What’s the difference between regular and trampolining socks?


A: The main difference is the grip. Trampoline jump socks have silicone inserts on the bottom that allows for added grip and prevent slippage.Regular socks are very slippery and are not suitable for trampoline parks or pretty much any other barefoot athletic activity.