Rapid Prototyping in Cosumer Products Industry

Xin Pin has been made many prototypes for consumer products for years. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing market condition, the Rapid Prototyping services are the very commonly used and popular technology in the developing Consumer products industry.


With Xin Pin’s cost-efficient manufacturing capabilities, your diverse designs, fluctuating demand, and short-term delivery schedules will be achieved.


Why Rapid Prototyping Matters for the Consumer Products Industry

CNC Machining

Xin Pin has worked with many customers in the Consumer parts industry, completing prototypes and low-volume production for a wide range of specialist components.


We focus on precision CNC machining and can provide high-quality finishing procedures for all parts.


Vacuum Casting

We have a professional team in vacuum casting department. We can provide the vacuum casting parts in consumer products in variety of plastic materials according to your request. Send us an inquiry to communicate with our great team to help the electronic


consumer prototyping development.


3D Printing

Time is gold. In the competitive consumer products field. At Xin Pin, in-house 3D printing in house enhances collaboration, shrinks time to market.


Plastic Injection Molding

Xin Pin has been in the industry for decades and realizing how to best make the best solution on consumer goods production to get the good quality and the quantity of products.


Pressure Die Casting

This method is very cost-effective, fast, and produces parts. It can be made in larger volumes by pressure die casting with exact tolerances and excellent surface finishes.


Our engineering team will work with you to ensure your consumer product design is optimized to achieve your project. It is common use for the heatsink for comsumer devices.


In addition, We are capable of offering CMM testing for your parts if required. And the different kinds of post-processing to the surface effect, such as the anodizing, polishing, blasiting, Powder Coating, Passivation, Painting, Heat Treatment and etc.