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As one of the most professional plastic mould suppliers in China, Jeward Mould has rich experience in the design and manufacture of crate mould and pallet mould. We are good at plastic mould products with complex structure and large size, like beverage box, pallet and bin. Our mould has short injection cycle time and long lifespan, which is suitable for mass and long-term injection molding.


Advantages of Jeward Plastic Crate & Pallet Moulds

Now the crate and pallet are commonly applied to logistics products, like beer crates, milk crates, food boxes and many other cargo turnover boxes. As a large part mould, the plastic crate and pallet mould need a reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy molding process control and quality assurance. As one of the most professional plastic mould suppliers in China, we use a good-quality hot-runner system to improve the quality of plastic mold parts. It also reduces production costs and saves time.


To Mould lighter And Stronger Products: Jeward Plastic Crate & Pallet Moulds

Crate and pallet are the essential packaging tools in the transportation industry. The traditional wooden crate and pallet have many disadvantages, including low stability, easy to get damp and short life span. All these problems led to high cost, high consumption and bad environment protection. The plastic crate and pallet adopt monopoly process. They are lighter and stronger in structure, which are incomparable advantages in high volume production, storage and transportation.