Rubber/Flexible Magnets

Brief introduction of rubber magnets(magnetic rubber):

Rubber magnets sometimes called magnetic rubber. Magnetic rubber itself has no magnetism , the magnetism comes from filled magnetic powder. So the magnetic powder is obligate material for produce magnetic rubber. Magnetic additive can be divided into metal magnetic powder, Fe-Co powder, Fe-Ni powder and Fe-Ba powder.  Fe-Co powder is the most widely used. Metal magnetic powder is seldom used because of the expensive cost. At the present, the Fe-O powder mostly used, they are ferric oxide and two valence metal compounds, although is the same ferrite magnetic powder, the ultimate magnetic strength are not the same because of the different crystal habit,particle size, and uniformity. In fact, rubber magnet belong to ferrite magnet series, it is the magnet composed of bond ferrite magnet powder and synthetic rubber, made out by extrusion molding and injection molding, and it can be distorted. Rubber magnets can be machined into rubber magnetic strips, rubber magnetic rolls, rubber magnetic sheets and other different shapes.


Rubber magnet belong to ferrite magnetic materials series, it is made from ferrite magnes powder and rubber by extruding or injecting. It has properties of soft, resilience and twisable. Just because of these properties,it also called flexible magnets. It’s maximum energy is 0.60~1.50 MGOe。