Magnetic Push Pins

Product Category: magnetic pins/push pin magnets/magnetic push pins


Product Material: transparent colorful plastic+neodymium disc magnets


Available Size:   D11 X 18mm ,D15 X 21mm,  D21 X 25.4mm


Available Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Voilet, White, Pink etc


Magnetic push pins are also named as push pin magnets. It is composed of tiny powerful magnets and plastic house. It looks like the neodymium skittle magnets. Magnetic push pins used to hold up things on the bulletin board, magnetic wall, whiteboard and other metal surfaces. Today, more and more people use magnetic pins to decorate their magnetic walls, it avoids to make holes onto the walls by using traditional nails. And it is very easy to take away from walls. The transparent push pin magnets themselves are also beautiful when attracted on the noticeboard. As a professional magnetic push pins producer, we have wide selection range of push pin magnets.