Rubber Magnetic Strips

Rubber magnetic strips are mold extruded strip type rubber magnets. It divided into isotropic magnetic strips and anisotropic magnetic strips. Because of the moderate magnetic attraction force, good sealing, wide working temperature range, durable in use, rubber magnetic strips are widely used in many different industries.

Component of rubber magnetic strips

At present, the component of mass supplied rubber magnetic strips are Ba(Sr) ferrite magnetic powder(85%-92%) and 5%-9% CPE. The different requirements on shape,magnetic pole and magnetic force formed different types of rubber magnetic strips. Major are one side multipole flat type, the delivered status is in rolls or discs.

Development brief history of rubber magnetic strips

Before 80s, China mainly imported rubber magnetic strips for domestic usage. From 80s, refrigerator production increased, then large quantity of door seal and magnet strips needed, Guangdong province brought refrigerator door seal and magnet strips production line form Italy in 1984, and started production successfully, changed the situation of bought magnets strip from foreign countries. Today, China rubber door seal magnetic strip yield is the first in the world, the kinds already expanded from refrigerator door seal to disinfection cabinet door seal and door,window field step by step.

Now we have standards on rubber magnetic strips which provide good basis for the production and application of rubber magnetic strips, the standards are helpful for the development of this industry .