Skittle Magnets

Product Category: skittle magnets/magnetic skittles


Product Material: colorful plastic+neodymium disc magnets


Available Size:   D12 X 20mm , D19 X 25.4mm


Available Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Voilet, White, Black etc


Skittle magnets are assemblage of super-strong neodymium magnet and skittle shaped plastic house. There is a groove on the body of plastic house, which make it very convenient to be handled. Some people call it as magnetic skittles and groove skittle magnets.  


Skittle magnets can be made into different colors – white, yellow, orange,red, purple,blue,green,pink,black. It is colorful and looks like rainbow,so it also called as rainbow skittle magnets. The skittle plastic house can be transparent or not. We can also make transparent skittle magnets.


With the neodymium magnet in the skittle shape plastic house, the strong skittle magnet  or powerful skittle magnets can hold more papers against noticeboard than the same size of ferrite whiteboard magnets. It is good helper in office and classroom, and it is good partner for noticeboard.


For powerful skittle magnets, we can provide different package for choice.