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Vacuum Casting Plastic

Vacuum casting process: free mold opening, low production cost, forming speed, high processing accuracy, support small batch customization and other characteristics, which can greatly reduce the product research and development costs and risks, but also accelerate the development progress.

Vacuum Pressure Casting Material Properties


Proto-Mold can help you to make the cost cheaper with fast lead time in the short run small batches production. We have the 15 years experienced engineer to do the silicone mold. Vacuum casting method is one of the best rapid prototype way to do it .


Shortcomings of PP

low dimensional accuracy, insufficient rigidity, poor weather resistance, it has a shrinkage phenomenon, moulding, easy aging, brittle, easy deformation.


Vacuum Pressure Casting Materials Info


Composite ABS material HEI-CAST 8150 is a new type of casting material with good physical properties, fast curing speed, high dimensional accuracy of finished products and sufficient practical strength. It can be used to confirm the shape and strength of injection molded parts, and also can be used for small batch production of final products.


ABS material HEI-CAST 8150, DPI860, PX5118 Similar to PC material,  PX520, PX527; Rapid prototyping environmental protection material UP590; PP/PE material PX100,PX215; High temperature resistant castables PX223 and 6160.


PP has the best heat resistance, thermal deformation temperature of 80-100℃, can be boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress cracking resistance and high bending fatigue life, commonly known as “100 fold adhesive”. The comprehensive performance of PP is better than PE material. PP products of light weight, good toughness, good chemical resistance.