Raykol vacuum evaporation equipment is an ideal solution for analytical laboratories. In the analysis of environmental pollutants and food safety, technology of rapid concentration with no loss of analytes is still in development, to ensure the reliability of detection and analysis of trace target compounds. RayKol automated vacuum evaporation system combines the advantages of nitrogen evaporation system and rotary evaporator with vacuum control system, to optimize concentration efficiency in analytical laboratories. Please contact us for vacuum evaporator price!


Vacuum evaporation is the process of reducing the pressure in a liquid-filled container to below the vapor pressure of the liquid, causing the liquid to evaporate at a lower temperature than normal. This process is used to increase the concentration of desired substances based on the difference in boiling points between desired compounds and solvents. It has become one of the common evaporation techniques used in the concentration process of sample pre-treatment prior to analytical instruments.


Automation of vaccum evaporation is to adopt a digital vacuum control system to set prefered pressure value and program gradient pressure change according to methods and properties of target substances.


RayKol Automated vacuum evaporation system performs parallel evaporation using vacuum negative pressure, water bath heating and oscillation, to ensure evaporating conditions for various samples to be constant and controllable, and prevent analyte loss in low vacuum.