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Custom Metal Stamping Die Making China

As a professional sheet metal die manufacturer in China, Orienson has an experienced senior mold design team and production & testing types of equipment to meet the needs from design to production.


OEM Metal Stamping Die Manufacturer

Precision metal stamping die design is a special tool for batch processing of materials into required stamping parts. It is very important in metalwork and stamping. Generally, mold can be divided into:


(1) Single die: Simple structure, short manufacturing cycle, low cost, but low stamping accuracy and efficiency. It is suitable for metal stamping parts with low precision, simple shape, and small output.   


(2) Progressive die: More complex structure, difficult manufacturing and adjustment, high cost, but high stamping accuracy, exponentially improved production efficiency. It is suitable for metal stamping parts with high precision and large output.


Types of Custom Metal Stamping Dies for Sale

Progressive Die

A progressive die, also known as a continuous die, is a multi-process die. In a mold, progressive stamping tool can complete various processes including punching, bending, and drawing, which can improve production efficiency and reduce product manufacturing costs. Progressive dies are easy to automate and can realize mass production.


Single Die

The single-stage die is a simple structure with low manufacturing costs. Simple press tool is suitable for some stamping parts with low precision requirements and simple shapes. The surface of the parts stamped out by the compound mold is smooth, and the accuracy requirements of the product are guaranteed at the same time.


Advantages of Die & Tool Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing can dramatically shorten the lead time of tooling set-up — some experts claim as much as 90 percent!


Standard stamping dies manufacturing processes assume a considerable factor of waste. Additive manufacturing reduces this loss of material during tooling fabrication because it utilizes a digital layering technique.


There is no arguing that using additive manufacturing in tooling set-up has a hand in increasing the likelihood of receiving a quality end-product.


The Tool and Die Maker will cut, shape, finish, and maintain precision stamping tools made of metal and will forge die casts to create molds.


FAQs About Tool & Die Making

Why Should I Choose Progressive Stamping and Fabrication over Other Methods?

Compared with single die, progressive stamping tool has the characteristic of fast stamping speed and high production efficiency, which can meet the needs of mass production, finally obtain the stamping die parts of high precision, stable quality, good consistency with less material waste.  


Do You Make Your Own Tooling?

How Long Does It Take To Manufacture Custom Stamping Dies?


What Is Die Manufacturing Process?

Mold is very extensive application in all walks of life, so for the mould manufacturing becomes more concern topic among people, Orienson, as a metal stamping factory, has a wealth of production experience, can produce high precision and long life mould, following simple mould manufacture process may help people have a more detailed understanding towards mould manufacturing.