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ADDASOUND Premium Audio Devices


ADDASOUND  active noise cancelling audio devices such as headsets with mic, speakerphones and other good accessories are deployed globally in all verticals: healthcare, finance, insurance, education, government, transportation, energy, etc., and can be used for different business scenarios like office meetings compatible with Zoom and Skype, or telephone calls with cisco VoIP system communicator. Our products are designed in classic Nordic style and crafted with premium materials, providing the best audio experience and comfort.


Wired Headset

QD or USB noise-cancelling wired headsets, easy plug and play. The headphones have many good features of elegant appearance, lightweight design for all-day comfort, easy deployment on different platforms such as desktop PC, mobile phones, a superior noise-canceling microphone blocks background noises used for business meetings with Zoom, Skype or Cisco IP phone, maximum volume control protects hearing under intensive usage. ADDASOUND headsets are made of premium materials; all packaging meets EU environmental requirements.


Wireless Headset

Full-featured wireless Bluetooth headsets, supporting for professionals from all verticals, lightweight design for all-day comfort, advanced noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear calls for mobile phones, laptop, desk pc which are compatible with Skype, Zoom, Cisco, Avaya and NEC communicating system, Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, up to 35m away from the desk, multipoint paring or USB dongle easy plug and play.


Conference Speakerphone

ADDASOUND S300 Speakerphone Professional Wireless Headset for Office, Work-at-home and UC Users.



Compatible for multiple headsets and speakerphones on desktop computer. Help noise cancelling headphones and speakerphones, which can be used for meetings, function well.